Shake Up Your Life

How to change your own perspective:

Depression has stigmas in society. Yes, we’re trying to change them, but they are there. Instead of letting those stigmas affect you, start thinking of how your situation has benefitted you and those around you. It’s easy to see all the negativity with depression. It is a hard illness and can leave you and family at a loss. But once you seek professional help and start to heal and start to manage your life, you will see the blessings because of the struggles you’ve been through.

1. Depression Does Not Define You

Just because you either deal with depression or because you have dealt with it doesn’t mean it is the only thing that makes you, you. Learning skills, coping mechanisms and ways to be more positive have made you a stronger individual. We all need ways to build confidence in our lives, so be grateful that you’ve learned these even if it may have taken depression to get you to learn the devices you’ve needed to build a better you.

2. Affirmations and Gratitude

For me, it has taken depression to really make me realize I don’t want to be in a dark and lonely place. But I also know it is something that happens to all of us. I have also learned that I can practice daily things that will help lessen the dark and the loneliness. Everyday, I try really hard, I have a list of positive affirmations that I read. These help center me and remind me what my focus on life is. Also numbering the things in my life that are blessings or that bring me joy help me know that life is good. Even when days get hard and my depression is stronger or my anxiety is higher these small practices help make the day a little brighter.

3. Time For Me

For many people they may have learned that time for themselves was important way before something tragic came to their lives. But for me, I didn’t understand that I needed breaks and time apart from everyone until PPD. After my depression got really bad, I started to realize that I needed time to myself. At first I would feel guilty about this, but with encouragement from my husband, I started to learn that this was essential in my health. My brain needs breaks, it gives it time to heal from the stress I feel. And it’s okay for me to get these moments daily so that I can be a better mom and a better person.

So as much as I would like to have never encountered depression, the truth is…it’s helped me become a better me. I have had to seek out help; I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone and allow others to support me when times were hard. And as I have gained more understanding of what I need to do so that I can function, I have learned that me, being me is a great thing, even with depression.


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