Covid-19 has affected my Mental health. As I’m sure it has everyone else’s.

I’ve had a rough go this last month.  It’s come in phases of course.  First knowing the disease hit the United States, a shock.  I guess I thought we were impenetrable?  Not likely, but reality hit.  We read about hundreds of people infected in Italy.  Then it came to my family’s state, my state.  Next thing we know schools are closed for a few weeks.  No big deal really because spring break was happening anyway.  Then no sports…now this has been the hardest.  It’s our favorite time of the year: baseball tournaments, softball games, soccer games, dance recitals.  Then instead of a few weeks of no school, now school was cancelled for the year.  Jobs have become insecure.  Businesses have been closing.  And hundreds of thousands of people aren’t just sick but dying. 

The stress is insurmountable.  And then we, or at least me, feel helpless.  Stuck at home.  Trying to teach your kids is not easy, trying to run your household and teach your kids is even harder. The struggle is real.

Then the grocery stores.  It brings tears to my eyes to see lines into stores, masks on everyone, shields on each register.  And the fear and uncertainty are just palpable.  Trying to make sure all the groceries get wiped down before the kids touch them all is another challenge; I have not mastered at all.  I figure we are just doing the best we can.  At least I can feed my family.

Another heartbreaker is walking through our neighborhood.  Mostly it seems empty or just not as friendly—we all are guarding our kids, ourselves. 

Listening to news, debates of what is best and how to do it.  How each person is handling stay at home orders ranges from strict to careless.  Leadership from state to state and federal haven’t become unified, it’s all still a pollical game. 

We have essential workers who are out in this daily, doing the best they can.  People who are trapped inside doing the best they can. 

And then within a month, we think we can move on.  The ride might not be over just yet.  As we finish out this year, it’s imperative to create a schedule that is realistic while stuck at home. What works for you and your family?  What makes it easier for everyone?  Focus on spending time together, makings some meals, creating some art and some memories. e’ll get through this one day at a time until hopefully, a vaccine is created.  

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